La Media Docena
Identity and ephemera for TV Show
La Media Docena (Half a Dozen) is a costarrican comedy TV Show that started in 2006. They are one of the best rated comedy programs in the country. The identity began as a branding project for the whole company, but eventualy it was separated from the theatrical visual identity that they had since 1997. The obvious connotation of the project was the association with eggs, because they sell in packs of 6. The story of why they are 4 members and named "half a dozen" is a little bit complicated, but it's present in their website and in one of the materials.
TV Logo from Season 2 thru Season 6
Logo 7th Season.
Business cards emulating a credit card with jokes all around.
This are the explanation cards to two of the most insistent questions the members of La Media Docena have: "Why are you named "Half a Dozen but are only four?" and "Who is the fellow that comes out at the end of the TV show?".
Autograph cards.
2010 DVD Demo for International Release
Timecode sheets for continuity and editing.
International promotional flyer.

Posters of 2011.
Posters of 2011
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