Inside La Media Docena Show
Graphic identity and graphic design done exclusively for the show.
Inside a sketch comedy show there's always some "products" that the show requires to make jokes. These products aren't real ones, but made-up ones, and some graphic design was needed to accomplish the necessary visual joke that had to go with the scripted one.

So, to accomplish these jokes, I had to make A LOT of different logos and packaging designs that were going to be used on one sketch most of the times. They would only apear 4 minutes on TV but required veracity to make the joke feel real. Some of these designs are better and some are worse, because they needed to be that way. I did however include "inside jokes" in the packagings so the staff and actors would laugh about it when they were filming. I have included the false commercials that La Media Docena made so you can actually see the product "in action".

Even some of the designs have trascended the TV format and now are part of the La Media Docena merchandising, because they gained a lot of popularity among the show's fans. 
I also did the video editing for this "mock-ommercial".

This was a logo for a Cumbia-Metal band that was named "Los Querubines Negros del Molocotongo". This was a very huge hit in La Media Docena music because it mocked heavy metal by singing a cumbia song about it. It spawned a very large "cult following" in Costa Rica and Latin America.
The logo is nowhere visible because it was only for promotional material, but then it went to merchandising. I also did the video editing for this music video.
I also did the editing for the intro of  the "Liga Losers".
Pantyhose for criminals.
"Natural Cereals", based on only natural ingredients...VERY NATURAL ingredients.
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