Proposed Identity for a new social network for readers. is a proposed social network for reading enthusiasts, where readers around the world can exchange points of view, comment books, articles, blogs or any reading material available on the web. Through Lecturia´s add-ons in different browsers, users can also share this type of media as well. 

It also has an online book shop, where users can buy physical and virtual books, to be read in any e-book reader and through applications which Lecturia will offer to be free downloads in its homepage. Books can be downloaded for free, however the user has to acknowledge different kinds of adds between paragraphs through his or her reading. 

This project was made to develop a whole business model, complete with activation, positioning, advertisements in reading media and brand expansion. The main goal is to announce the opening of as a new social network. All media is to be publicized in reading magazines, public libraries, blogs promoting books, newspaper websites, etc. The entire branding project was done for the Master in Branding, at Elisava School of Design, Barcelona.

Business card that works as a bookmark.
Video made to show the "Look & Feel" to give in media ads.
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